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Visitors are welcome to book a table to order food and drinks in advance.

The menu is here

Before the event!

  • Concert Hall with cafés will normally be opened one hour before the event.

For the intermission!

  • The intermission lasts 30 minutes.
  • If you wish to order anything for the intermission, place your order upon arrival at a cafe of your choice.

After the event!

  • The café Teatrikohvik on the ground floor welcomes you also after the end of the event.

NB! If you wish to order a table for both the intermission and after the event, you will need to place two different orders.

In case You cannot pay for Your bill as an international transaction (using credit card), please contact us through e-mail: for an invoice to complete Your transaction.

Orders for 11 and more people are kindly asked to be sent three days before the event to the e-mail address

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Book G.H.Mumm Lounge for a private gathering, for pre event / post event or during intermission (maximum of 10 people) Price 150€

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