Cloakroom / Cafe

The cloakroom and Cafe are both situated on the ground floor of the Concert Hall.


  • is open to visitors during events
  • is free of charge
  • if you lose your cloakroom ticket, you will have to pay a penalty of 10€ and present evidence about the ownership of clothes
  • in case of special events, the organizer is entitled to set a cloakroom fee, which will be announced in advance
  • the cloakroom does not serve as a luggage room
  • the management is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings left in the pockets of the clothes or on the premises of the concert hall. NB!! Found objects are stored for one month
  • visitors are not allowed to enter the concert venue in outerwear or with very large bags

Enquiries about lost things can be made by telephone +372 61 55 11 or e-mail

Leave your outerwear to the ground-floor cloakroom before the event and visit the Cafe during the intermission!

You are welcome!