Environmental policy


We believe that neither nature nor the environment around us should suffer because of the entertainment industry. Entertainment is a luxury that our senses are entitled to, but unharmed, clean nature is the source of all our basic needs. Nature in its lushest and greenest form is the foundation of our environment, which, in turn, is the foundation of our societies. The preservation of a clean environment and nature should therefore be our common value and responsibility.

As a company, Tallinna Kontserdimaja AS proudly assumes responsibility for its ecological footprint and consumption and has adopted an environmental management policy for its structural implementation.

The company’s environmental management system is the foundation that helps us make decisions and choices which, while still effective and profitable for the company, are environmentally aware and sustainable.

All visitors of the Concert Hall, both entertainment consumers and providers, leave an ecological footprint, the size of which we as a venue wish to reduce. In order to keep the implementation of its environmental sustainability policy consistent, the Concert Hall invests the service charge of 1,00€ that is added to the ticket price of the Concert Hall’s events in the company’s environmental sustainability development.


Through the implementation of our environmental policy, we strive to:

  • invest in environmentally friendly technologies in order to reduce paper consumption;
  • sort all inevitably produced waste in a conscientious manner;
  • offer local produce in our cafés and expand the assortment of eco-labelled products every year;
  • keep our heat, water, and electricity consumption at reasonable levels;
  • reduce our overall consumption to a minimum during the off-season and event-free periods.

Every visitor of the Concert Hall is a consumer whose consumption is based on their preferences. We wish for our visitors, the consumers, to make conscious choices. The conscious choices of each individual are ultimately the foundation of environmental sustainability.


Dear visitors, we encourage you to:

  • choose paper-free options to replace physical tickets. All you need to do is use your smartphone to display your ZebraTicket to the ticket inspector, or present your event ticket in the new PocketZebra format;
  • book a table of your choice for intermissions via our website. By doing so, you help us optimise the quantities of food that are ordered, and thus reduce the amount of food wasted;
  • use alternative means of transportation, rather than your car. The Concert Hall is easily accessible by bus, tram, or trolleybus. We are but a walk and/or bicycle ride away from the centre of the city.


Dear Concert Hall customer and organiser, you can also contribute to environmental sustainability by taking a few conscious steps.


We ask you to:

  • refrain from using single-use tableware, especially plastic utensils, when you provide catering for performers. Provide worthy catering for your performers. For that purpose, we shall provide tableware on request;
  • help us sort waste by sorting the waste that has been produced into designated waste bins. We have waste bins for glass, containers, paper/cardboard, bio waste, and consumer waste;
  • turn off the TV screen and switch off the lights when you leave the wardrobe. By doing so, you help us avoid needless electricity consumption;
  • carefully consider the contents of gift packages assembled for conference participants, and the assortment and quantity of products provided free of charge by your partners.
  • https://visittallinn.ee/eng/visitor/map?object_category_id=483


Green Key

The Green Key eco-label is a leading environmental quality label. In Estonia, tourism agencies, attractions, and conference centres can currently apply for the label. In 2018, the Tallinn Concert Hall became the first and currently only green entertainment and conference centre in Estonia awarded with the label. With the international label, we hope to display our environmentally friendly attitudes as well as communicate them to international clients. Our aim is to put Estonia on the map of international environmental conferences as a potential destination. Proudly bearing the Green Key Label is our contribution towards that goal.