Code of Conduct


Please notice that Alexela Concert Hall is not responsible for tickets and content of any event or issues regarding how events are organized (including changes, cancellations, failures and misleading information about the events). All responsibility for listed above, solely lies on the organiser of each event.  For further information about the event, please make contact with the organiser of that specific event. Contacts can be found on ticket seller (Piletilevi) website at the event information section.

  1. Entrance
  • Concert Hall is open for guests only for an Event during times specified by the Event Organizer;
  • Event Organizer reserves the right to implement any rules further to current Code of Conduct for guests upon entry to the Concert Hall. This may include specified documentation (tickets, passes, invites, etc.), age limitations, etc.
  • The event ticket ceases to be valid upon exit from the Event venue, Alexela Concert Hall;
  • The Concert Hall Administration reserves the right not to allow latecomers to the Hall. If possible, guests late for an event are ushered to free seats on the subsequent level to avoid disturbing other guests. Late guests are allowed to take their seat during the intermission;
  1. Security
  • Security checks take place upon entrance to the Concert Hall. During this, security personnel reserve the right to request examination of the contents of guest’s personal items (such as bags, pockets, etc.);
  • Guests refusing security checks will not be allowed to enter the Concert Hall.
  1. Forbidden items

It is forbidden for anyone (incl. guests) to enter the Concert Hall with the following items:

  • Professional and special purpose photo, video and/or sound recording devices (unless provided with a special permit by the Event Organizer);
  • Food or Drink (incl. alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks);
  • Narcotics, pyrotechnics, highly flammable, poisonous, radioactive, polluting, strongly and/or foul-scented substances or substances of unclear mixture;
  • Cold- or firearms;
  • Animals or birds.
  • The Concert Hall is not obliged to store forbidden items!
  1. Forbidden actions

It is forbidden for anyone (incl. guests) in the Concert Hall to:

  • Smoke in and out in front of the building (excl. thedesignated smoking
    areas on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor). Pecuniary penalty is applicable in case of breach of public order. Electronic cigarettes, etc. are also not allowed;
  • Light an open fire or use any pyrotechnical or explosive devices;
  • Be under influence of alcohol;
  • Behave incorrectly, anti-socially or disturb other guests;
  • Enter the Main Hall in outerwear (incl. coats and jackets) or/and with large-scale bags (incl. sports bags, suitcases, back bags etc.)
  • Provide the catering service, incl. to prepare any food or drink, and to consume food or beverages not purchased within the Concert Hall;
  • Enter the Main Hall with any food or drink purchased from any bar or cafe within the Concert Hall;
  • Misuse any fire-alarm. Any misuse will result in a false alarm and penalties to the person causing the false alarm;
  • Unlocking any doors using a bar or bolt unnecessarily. This results in a false alarm and penalties to the person causing the false alarm.

5. Accessibility & moving around

  • The Concert Hall Administration reserves the right not to allow latecomers to the Hall. If possible, guests late for an event are ushered to free seats on the subsequent level to avoid disturbing other guests. Late guests are allowed to take their seat during the intermission;
  • During an event, it is only permitted to move around if other guests or performers are not disturbed;
  • Concert Hall Administration reserves the right to limit entrance, exit or any guest traffic during and Event. The Concert Hall Administration also reserves the right to prevent a Guest from moving outside the level, on which his seating arrangements are located. (incl. seats outlined on a ticket or predetermined by the Event Organizer);
  • The event ticket ceases to be valid upon exit from the Event venue, Alexela Concert Hall;
  1. Car park & parking
  • Solaris Center underground car-park has estimated 237 parking spaces, the terms of use for which are outlined by parking operators specifically for each different Event;
  • Depending on the nature and size of any event, the car-park may be partially / completely closed to Guests and/or available for a fee;
  • Parking fees can be paid in cash or by card;
  • For a discount, the guest must validate the parking permit in the special machine (validator) provided in the Concert Hall lobby on the parking floor;
  • When a parking fee is applicable, it does not mean surveillance is provided for parking;
  • Concert Hall parking is provided in association with EuroparkEstonia OÜ, who reserves the right to make changes in parking fees. For additional information, visit E-post: / tel +372 661 0223;
  1. Cloakroom
  • The Concert Hall cloakroom is located on 0 floor and caters for 1870 Guests;
  • Cloakroom is free and opened to Guests during events;
  • During Special Events, the Event Organizer reserves the right to apply fees to the cloakroom, but must inform Guests in advance;
  • The fee upon losing a cloakroom ticket is 10 € and sufficient proof for retrieving your clothes must be provided;
  • The Concert Hall cloakroom does not store packages or parcels;
  • The Concert Hall Administration is not responsible for any personal items left in the cloakroom in garment pockets, etc. or on Concert Hall premises.
  1. Miscellaneous
  • The Concert Hall Administration and appointed personnel reserve the right to enforce adherence to Code of Conduct. When these regulations are disregarded, the personnel reserve the right to escort the violator off Concert Hall premises and the violator loses any right for reimbursement or any other monetary claim;
  • The Concert Hall Administration reserves the right to enforce any further regulations, if these are required by the organizational nature of a specific Event;
  • The Concert Hall Administration is not responsible for any belongings left unattended;
  • Any items found following an Event are kept at the Administration office for 1 month after the Event and can be retrieved by calling on +372 61 55 113 or through
  • Concert Hall Administration is not responsible for any issues regarding the contents of an Event or organization of an Event (including changes in schedules, cancellations or any misleading information published regarding the event, etc.). Any such predicaments are the responsibility of the Event Organizer;
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is in operation in Alexela Concert Hall.
  • The concert hall has video surveillance for general security. For the protection of public safety, visitors, customers and property of the Concert Hall, the Concert Hall and its partner providing security services have a legitimate interest in performing video surveillance in the Concert Hall, which is monitored in real time by an employee of the company providing security services to the Concert Hall. Video materials are stored in an archive with closed access for 30 calendar days. Video recordings related to incidents in the Concert Hall (e.g. incidents of damage, violations of public order, etc.) are stored and processed on a case-by-case basis based on the legitimate interest of our contractual partners and/or visitors to the Concert Hall, cooperation partners, employees and customers or on the basis of the provisions of the law. Video recordings related to these cases will be kept for a maximum of 3 years after the end of the case proceedings.
  • Seats 1-59 in the first row of the first balcony and 1-11 and 47-57 in the second row are of limited visibility due to the guardrail installed for the sake of our guests’ security. Limited visibility also applies on seats 1-72 on first row of second balcony. It has been prescribed by the Rescue Board and complies with the EU standards and requirements.
  • Since 01.10.2018 on every Event ticket that is taking place at AlexelaConcert Hall, additional service fee of 0,90€ is charged.
  1. Index
    • Concert Hall – Alexela Concert Hall building including rooms within this building (not including Concert Hall Administration office) and the accompanying open air spaces;
    • Concert Hall Administration – Staff and organization of Alexela Concert Hall;
    • Guest – Person visiting the Concert Hall to attend an Event;
    • Main Hall – Hall of Alexela Concert Hall, which seats 1829 quests (1030 on parterre, 491 on 1stbalcony and 308 on 2ndbalcony);
    • Event – An occasion (of business, sporting, entertainment or other nature) organized by the Event Organizer in the Concert Hall;
    • Event Organizer – Natural or legal person organizing an Event or upon whose initiative, the organization is carried out;
    • Event Schedule – The start and ending time of the event scheduled by the organizer, which may change due to reasons beyond the control of the artist, the organizer and the services of the Concert Hall;
    • Code of Conduct – Rules and regulations applied within the Concert Hall as private property.